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The unrecognised cost of discarding and forgetting

A tax on the dumping of waste today will lessen the burden later Like clockwork, each week we line our streets with bins of stuff we don’t want, and each week the stuff is whisked away, out of sight and out of mind. … Continue reading

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Realising the value of standing forests

The prospect offered by the Wilderness Society of getting a return on standing trees deserves serious consideration by government and industry. We’re failing the ultimate test of success in cutting carbon emissions: the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. … Continue reading

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Move to sack leading scientist will shock scientific world

Malcolm Turnbull’s failure to intervene in the CSIRO crisis will cost Australia dearly. The demand by CSIRO management that its leading sea-level scientist, John Church, explain why he shouldn’t be sacked is as unbelievable as it is outrageous. On an … Continue reading

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