Monthly Archives: October 2016

Strangled by cynicism and world-weariness

Australia’s responsiveness to global problems has slipped badly Australia would rate pretty well as a citizen of the world if the sole measure of that was being open to the global market. With protectionism on the rise, fuelled by vanishing … Continue reading

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Trump’s many failings threaten us all

Republicans head for the exits as Trump’s campaign goes into meltdown Four years ago this month a US presidential election campaign was brought to a halt as Hurricane Sandy smashed into New York and New Jersey, leaving death and devastation … Continue reading

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A fool’s choice of energy options in a world of extremes

The Coalition’s combative approach to energy policy is getting us nowhere. Extreme weather is a fraught business. The fact that it can kill us and destroy homes and crops and infrastructures is reason enough to become anxious when it descends … Continue reading

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