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The secret life of Freddie Mercury

We’ve come a long way since the life and death of Freddie Mercury. The terrific new Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, brings to mind how much things have changed since those rip-roaring years when Queen was at the top of … Continue reading

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The words they dare not speak

For reasons that remain obscure, our governments seem incapable of facing the climate demon As the bone-dry desert kingdom of Jordan suffers its second deadly flash-flood in a fortnight, a placid late autumn in California is suddenly overwhelmed by apocalyptic … Continue reading

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Measures of greatness in Trump’s America

Is America greater under Trump? It depends how you measure it. Two years ago the US shocked itself and the world by electing Donald Trump on the promise that he would make America great again. So how’s that going? That … Continue reading

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