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The battle to tame Prosser’s shifting sands

Bending nature to our will is not a straightforward matter. The little beach near Port Arthur where my family used to camp over summer was the perfect place for a boy to play out fantasies about coastal engineering. As with … Continue reading

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The awful truth about our mastery over nature

A new book by Clive Hamilton puts it in a nutshell: we’re screwed but we don’t know it. There is just one bottom line in the climate free-for-all – the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – and this … Continue reading

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As the government fiddles, the planet burns

The Paris option of a 1.5C warming limit is ambitious beyond words, yet it’s looking more and more like the only sensible objective. Eight months ago Australia supported a global effort to hold global warming to “well below 2C”, and … Continue reading

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