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How polar-fleece turns out to be a health hazard

Those wonderfully warm synthetic winter jackets that have taken over from winter woollies are also a primary source of damaging marine pollution. Along with countless millions around the world, I find a polar-fleece jacket an ideal winter garment. I’m wearing one … Continue reading

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Acidifying oceans highlight Australia’s climate policy barren

While the world’s climate scientists wrestle with the mammoth issue of ocean acidification, the Turnbull government cuts research and fiddles in the margins. In the week of Scott Morrison’s first budget, 330 scientists holed up in Hobart were focusing on something … Continue reading

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The crazy saga of the great CSIRO sell-off

CSIRO’s death by 1000 cuts is creating international embarrassment for Australia. Competition isn’t everything. Communities also need people to be neighbourly, tolerant and well-mannered – the civilised attitudes and behaviours that bind us. Based on this need, we created public services … Continue reading

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