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Chinese stake in Hobart’s new ocean research centre

With help from China, CSIRO is reasserting its leading position in Southern Hemisphere climate science. CSIRO is back in town and back on the world climate research stage. That was the real news in yesterday’s welcome announcement of a new … Continue reading

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Larry Marshall and the marketing of CSIRO

The Trump administration is defunding climate science. Is that to be our model for CSIRO? Most government cockups happen when politics interferes with good administration, resulting in stupid decisions. Conspiracy, which requires careful thought, is rarely present. This, I think, … Continue reading

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Galileo’s mantle is a poor fit for new Senator Malcolm Roberts

Malcolm Roberts is no Galileo, but he would make a fine Inquisitor. The self-belief of Malcolm Roberts was put to the test in last week’s ABC panel discussion, Q&A, and the newly-minted One Nation senator for Queensland came out with … Continue reading

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