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A battery power revolution in the making

Analysts predict a huge future for batteries in global energy storage. On Tasmania’s Bruny Island we have a chance to see what this might look like. A revolution is brewing in meeting rooms and computer laboratories around Australia, and right now … Continue reading

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Politics, economics and our changing climate

In seeking solutions to Tasmania’s energy deficit, Matthew Groom must cast a wider net. “In these times of power uncertainty, are you prepared for a power outage?” asked the ad for generator hire in yesterday’s Mercury. Not what any energy … Continue reading

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The crazy saga of the great CSIRO sell-off

CSIRO’s death by 1000 cuts is creating international embarrassment for Australia. Competition isn’t everything. Communities also need people to be neighbourly, tolerant and well-mannered – the civilised attitudes and behaviours that bind us. Based on this need, we created public services … Continue reading

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