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Acidifying oceans highlight Australia’s climate policy barren

While the world’s climate scientists wrestle with the mammoth issue of ocean acidification, the Turnbull government cuts research and fiddles in the margins. In the week of Scott Morrison’s first budget, 330 scientists holed up in Hobart were focusing on something … Continue reading

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Before you eat, ponder the miracle of food

We should never take a hearty meal for granted. [1 January 2012 | Peter Boyer] This is the season for food, and lots of it. Celebrating times of plenty with a feast is a tradition as old as humanity. Who … Continue reading

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The price we’re paying for a budget surplus

The federal government’s determination to keep its budget in the black is a serious threat to Tasmanian-based climate science. [30 October 2012 | Peter Boyer] In Italy they’ve starting jailing scientists who make mistakes. Six Italian scientists got six-year sentences … Continue reading

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