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Climate-energy policy: time for a reboot

With a climate emergency on our hands, it’s past time the parties got their acts together. Rebecca White’s rise to Labor leadership opens up the prospect of a much-needed policy makeover for Tasmania. There’s no better place to start than … Continue reading

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How trees give our emissions a sweeter smell

Governments in Hobart and Canberra have discovered that trees make their carbon accounts look good, but it’s a con. You won’t believe this, but both the Tasmanian and national governments are into tree-hugging. They mightn’t believe it either. I’ll explain. … Continue reading

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Groom embraces the climate challenge

Frustrations remain, but at least the Tasmanian government has acknowledged the seriousness of the climate threat. [Peter Boyer] At long last the Hodgman government entered the climate debate last week when it released its draft “action plan” for 2016 to … Continue reading

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