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How to move about the city without wrecking it

We cannot have a liveable city if we fail to address the car problem. What distinguishes ordinary cities from extraordinary ones, “liveable” cities from urban wastelands? What things, added together, make a fully-functioning city? These questions are as relevant now … Continue reading

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Sea level: doing nothing is no option

The inevitability of future sea level rise requires action now. I take my hat off to Hobart City for its persistent efforts to get its people engaged with that bothersome matter of climate change, specifically what it will do to … Continue reading

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Local government: voices from among us

With higher tiers of government falling victim to ideology and big business, we need to hear the voices of ordinary people. [12 May 2015 | Peter Boyer] It’s hard to ignore the solemn, deliberate voice of leading US climate scientist … Continue reading

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