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What we can take away from Katowice

COP24 was neither a roaring success nor an abject failure, but the next 12 months will have to deliver in a big way. It’s tempting to focus on the many negatives in this year’s climate summit in Poland, but we’ve … Continue reading

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Pussy Riot brings its defiant message to Hobart

Brave young warriors put their case for a more civil Russia Russia. Enormous, harsh, lonely, puzzling, stubborn, crazy. Unique. I visited European Russia in 1978 during Leonid Brezhnev’s Soviet regime –not for the politics, which thoroughly repelled me, but because … Continue reading

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Durban: a platform for what?

The Durban meeting was a classic case of putting off till tomorrow what’s too hard to manage today. [20 December 2011 | Peter Boyer] A pet irritation of my mother was seeing jobs left unfinished. I used to think she … Continue reading

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